The residential complex of exclusive holiday apartments for seasonal use “BLUE MARINE RESIDENCE” is situated in a regulated land property RLP I-510, square 55A according to the plan of the village of Ravda, Nessebar municipality. The building plot is 957,50 sq.m. large. It is located on Breeze St. in the central area of the village of Ravda less than 50 m away from the sea coast. The plot is angular and it borders to the north-east and north-west with an asphalt-paved street, to the south-west with RLP V-509 and to the south-east with RLP II-510 and RLP IX 153. The distance to the southern beach of Ravda is 200 meters at most and the elongation to the beach coast is about 50 meters.

The projected building stands on the necessary regulated distances from the property boundaries. The requirement for increasing the distances of the building site to the other property boundaries has also been observed.

Functional and compositional decision

The building is situated in the north-east part of the plot, with the purpose of achieving maximal extension of the recreational area of greenery in the south – southeast part of the terrain. The vocational complex is structured so that the corridors, the vertical communication, lift and stairs are situated on the northwest facing the street.

The architectural image of the building is released of unnecessary detail but it strongly influences with its plastics and uniformity.

The smooth line of the south terraces would provide steady and constant sunlight. The sunny disposition of the building is enhanced by the undulating unbroken balconies casting shadows changeable during the day, and by the envisaged vertical planting.

The specific architectural elements of the façade as well as the impressive decorative effects and color scheme enhance the elite appearance of the building.

The complex includes 28 apartments, 21 of which are with one bedroom, living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom, 3 apartments consist of two bedrooms, large living-room with a kitchenette, a dining spot and two bathrooms. There are projected 4 one-room apartments type “studio” as well.

The developed apartments are from type “seasonal” – not large but with the necessary for this type moderate luxury. They are structured as separate spots merging into one another – a kitchen module, a dining spot, a conversation-and-TV spot, and bedroom spots. Bathrooms are in line with the corresponding level of luxury and are fully equipped. An individual air-conditioning is provided for each apartment.

The building will be accessible by a guarded entrance with 24-hours protection, staircase and lift.

On the ground floor of the complex is situated a small reception-lobby functionally connected to a not large day bar.

Technical indexes
Area of the building plot 967.50 m2
Built-up area 379.52 m2
Extended built-up area 1417.10 m2
Density of the built-up area 39,53%
Kintensity 1,48
Apartments (total) 28
   one-room 21
   two-room 3
   studios 4
Deadline for completion 30.05.2008

The building is without a basement.

Due to the sea character of the building site, the terraces are correctly oriented and their functional connection with the living-rooms of the flats is well decided.

An attractive spot for recreation is anticipated on the roof level with a round swimming pool as well an adjoining terrace with a magnificent panorama over the whole bay.

The yard would be planted at most while a recreation spot and an area for lounges would be set apart.

The access to the yard is provided from the central staircase of the building by a roundabout lane and would be permitted only for the guests of the complex.

Constructive decision and materials

The main structure of the building is made of armored concrete, without girders.

The outside walls are brick, 25 cm thick and with heat insulation on their outer side. The inside barrage walls are single-brick – 12 cm.

Silicate plaster will be used for the facade walls. Aluminum /PVC-framed glass panel will be used for the facade glazing.

All legal regulations have been followed for projecting of the building including all normative and pre-normative documents, Decree N 7 /regulations and norms for the arrangement of the different types of territories and construction areas/ and Decree N 2 for the "Anti-fire construction-technical norms".