The "NAUTILUS CLUB" complex of apartment flats is located in the western part of Sunny Beach Resort Bulgaria. It is situated in a regulated land plot (I-296) with a total area of 1 704 m2, in section 4301 of the town plan. The building is designed for seasonal use but is amenable for use throughout the year.

The building consists of five large flats as well as a number of medium-sized two-roomed flats  (one bedroom flat) and studios. The lodgings are designed to make the best use of space with functionality in mind; they consist of a living-room area that includes a kitchenette and dining space, a bedroom and a bathroom with a bath-tub.

The living-room area can accommodate extra sleeping arrangements if necessary to accommodate 2 more people. Studios have a living room that also functions as a sleeping space.

The complex also offers five 3-room flats(two bedrooms flat). Each of these is effectively designed to include a living-room section with a kitchenette and dining space, two bedrooms, an entrance hall, and two bathrooms, one of which has a bathtub.

Owners of flats will benefit from a spacious panoramic terrace with an excellent view.

The design of the complex is currently unique in Sunny Beach but has been successfully used by the developer in a number of other projects. The building is situated in the middle of the plot and encloses a central courtyard. This form of architecture is currently rare in the area but follows the common tradition for building monasteries in Bulgaria.

This elegant design contributes to the unique feeling of space and privacy in the complex, allowing in plenty of natural light and facilitating natural ventilation. The courtyard will be a pleasant sanctuary with a well-designed garden.

Technical Indexes
Area of the building plot 1 704 m2
Built-up area 511 m2
Extended built-up area 2 556 m2
Number of Studio 15
Number of 1 bedroom app. 39
Number of 2 bedrooms app. 6
Total: 60
Consistency of exploitation 29.9 %
Kbuld 1.50
Design: Architectural Studio OMEGA; Arch. I. Bitrakov, Arch. K. Antonov
Construction Control: "Stroycontrol" Ltd.

The architectural line of the building is interesting and elegant. The architectural details of the protruding top floor echo the balconies below. The building has no basement and consists of five residential floors and a roof level with a viewing balcony and a striking circular swimming pool.

The exterior is designed in a Mediterranean style, with white-washed walls, blue window frames and blue metal railings.

The stylish colours give the building a contemporary appearance that contrasts well with the colorful facades of the neighboring buildings.

The walls are composed of ceramic bricks with external thermal insulation in compliance with municipal standards. The inner walls will be dry-lined.

The facade will be rendered with moisture-resisting mineral plasters, and covered with stone and metal. The window-frames will be PVC with thermo-bridge, providing excellent insulation and contributing to sound environmental practice. All necessary communication, security, air-conditioning, cable TV and Internet installations and wirings are provided.

The living area is accessible via a controlled entrance with a security team room. The access to the building is realized via open staircase and elevator, arranged in the small inner yard in the center of the site.

The building has reinforced concrete frame beamless construction.

Residents can make use of a small daytime bar by the reception desk with an open section over at the central entrance. The entrance to the plot from the street is west-facing, whilst the car entrance leads to a parking lot within the plot.