The complex of holiday studios "Rose Residence" is located in the western part of the resort "Sunny Beach". It is situated over a regulated landed property VII -249 in district 5201 from the building-regulation plan of the complex on a total area of 2 982 m2.

The apartment complex was projected as flats for seasonal use (all year round use is also possible) The residential area is compact designed in one room apartments - type“studio”. The flats are economical having in mind their purpose: a large living room with a kitchenette and a place for dining, anteroom with a wardrobe. There is an individual bathroom with a bath-tub. It is being envisioned on necessity living room is being adapted as extra space starts sleeping on /in shape-2 + 2 persons/.

The project is composed in V-figurative capacity, located in the south-western part of the area,with the purpose to obtain maximum free space area ,necessary for disposing the infrastructure of the complex.

In the central part of the building are situated 12 apartments which are projected, together with one bedroom and a living room. Because of their seaside characteristics, the terraces are large and by means of the sliding doors when opened, they become a natural extension to the living rooms.

The architectural chart is cleared and it is discharged of unnecessary detail. The fresh color decision gives the project a modern appearance and style.

Area of the building plot 2 982 m2
Built-up area 827.00 m2
Extended built-up area 4468.00 m2
Number of Studio 97
Number of 1 bedroom app. 12
Consistency of exploitation 28%
Kbuld 1.49

The building is without a basement, and consist 6 floors, the last is in part bevel.

The studio will be accessible from a controlled entrance, staircase and elevator, located central in the territory of the building.

The construction is solid – armored concrete with a scaffolding beamless construction system.

The walls are filled with ceramic bricks, protected from outside with the necessary heat insulation – with regard to the standard . The inner walls will be worked with materials without wet processes. The facades will be shaped with mineral water-resist plasters, wood, metal etc. according to the architectural details. The doors and windows will be PVC with a thermal bridge, which will contribute to the general comfort in the building.

There will also be available the necessary communication, information and security installations; cable TV, Internet, as well as a preparation for the assembly of the air-conditioning installation.

The courtyard will be abundantly planted with trees and shrubs. The accessibility is controlled through the main entrance of the building. An outdoor swimming pool is designed together with children’s section .There is also a pool-bar with a small shop, which are naturally connected with the pool and the building.

The Entrance at the building site happens true the main entrance from the street from the west by east facing. There is a separate area for a small parking lot at the front of main entrance of the complex, as well as from the northern part of the complex.

Falling is possible to be effected by the adjacent located hotel complex “Jasmine Residence and therefore through the overall area of the hotels Jasmine and "Kokiche", to the street from north and east as well.

Situation Plan