Ravda is situated so naturally close to the main administrative municipal centre - the city of Nessebar. Throughout recent years, Nessebar grows southward to the beautiful blue coast and actually reaches Ravda.

Within one kilometer of Ravda, the main road Varna-Bourgass passes by. The village is 15 km away from the major international air port of Bourgass and only 5 km northwesterly distant from the biggest Bulgarian Black sea resort Sunny beach. Therefore, the automobile transport is the dominant accessibility to Ravda, and is ensured by regular bus route: Ravda-Nessebar-Sunny Beach and Nessebar-Ravda-Bourgass.


One of the greatest landmarks and sights, for which Ravda is distinguished is the foreland cape "Ravda". It traces out two bays: the first one has a wide beach side covered with fine golden sand and it's also famous and known as "the southern beach". The second bay is nestling among two capes, those of "Ravda" and "Akortiria". Here the bay is precipitous and steep, whereas further on the sea steps back slowly and sand displaces rocks. Total beach area reaches 57 000 m2.

During summer air temperatures varies between 28 - 30 degrees, while sea water temperatures are 20 - 26 degrees. Yearly, sunshine heats hours achieve 2100 - 2200 hours.


Round about the year of 1700, Ravda has appeared and was distinguished on the map. Till 1924, the village was inhabited by the Greeks. Bulgarians coming from Aegean Macedonia have settled Ravda after the agreement signing between Bulgaria and Greece, known in history as the so-called contract "Mollov-Kafandaris". The Bulgarians' location and settlement have been prolonged till year 1932.

Refugees from Thessaloniki have settled in Ravda. First, they have undertaken with the enlargement of the existing Greek school. Later on, supported by their own volunteer labour work and money, they built a cultural-library house.

Spiritual heritage centre, loved by the local people was the temple "Saint Paraskeva", that was errected in 1884 by two Greeks Vassilios and Theodorakis. Ravda's people again provided all money needed for the new building. Church shape, appearance and style were well preserved and conserved till nowadays. In 1998, church trusteeship and municipal mayoralty initiated restoration and reviving by volunteers' endowment.

Ravda - present days - common features

Village population counts 1760 residents. The old part of Ravda has reserved only its location, whereas all Houses are renovated and enlarged. Most of them are newly built as to suit all modern requirements for quality and comfort. On and on, the village is growing and developing in the four wind directions: towards south-east through the new streets "Kraibrezhna", "Briz" and "Morski zvutzi"; towards south a new street appeared and it's called "Horizont"; towards north-east, there is a street named on the city of Nessebar; towards north all new streets are named on Bulgarian rivers and etc.

The administrative building is modern, two-storied and located in the village center. There are the municipality hall, police office, post office, bank and medical centre provided with medical room and dental surgery.

The local school has more than 120 years history of existence and it is named on the holy saint brothers Kiril and Metodii - the Slavonic alphabet originators. In 2004 a huge stadium was opened affording many sport possibilities. It is built on the most suitable place - village northern side, close to the main road Varna-Bourgass, using a sufficient transport to Nessebar.

Almost two years running, during summer season Ravda's population - both residents and tourists increases in numbers more than 5 to 6 times. By incentive reason of that, the local municipal authorities maintain village iinfrastructure and communications in perfect state repair.


The village of Ravda is a rather attractive destination for tourists all over the world. Nature here is fantastic and romantic. The mainland curiously is cutting into the sea, forming two picturesque bays, where sea waves tenderly overflow foam on the sand. Now you can imagine, but later you can face the true romance of nature beauty. Just for a few minutes by car you can get to the greatest Bulgarian Black Sea holiday resort Sunny beach - the place, where there is sunshine for all and funs for everybody. Only half of an hour walk is the way to visit the ancient Nessebar - a world heritage city with more than three thousands history of life, marked by many civilizations.

The total bed capacity is over 5 000. Housekeepers, hospitable and kind do everything for family tourism development. Initiative dealers, businessmen, owners, all they successfully focus on different tourist demands - convenient accommodation, tasty traditional cuisines, variety of facilities and entertainment, full recreation and pleasant experiences.

Predominantly, you can stay in excellently equipped family hotels, tourist cozy houses and private lodgings, classified by "two" and "three" stars. Friendly owners guarantee you all modern comforts and discreet service. Contemporary design and up-to-date furnishing are typical and distinctive for all places of accommodation. In Ravda, there are some newly built hotels corresponding and fitting every modern requirement in tourism field. Service here is of high standard and quality.

There's no lack of places for entertainment, public houses, establishment caterings and shops either. Most of the restaurants offer you to taste the delicious Bulgarian and Balkan cuisine famous by its typical and traditional dishes. Many cafes, cocktail-bars and refreshment clubs provoke your interest through the means of highly varied menu and wonderful relaxation atmosphere.

The aqua-park - a newly built facility will attract more and more tourist in Ravda during the forthcoming tourist season' 2005.

Along the beach side, there are many possibilities both for sport amateurs and professionals. Meeting different adventures, you can take lessons in surfing, yachting, water-skiing, water parachutist etc. If you are a fun of cruises, there are plenty of opportunities for satisfaction. Tourists who decide to stay all day long on the beach can use lots of sea side facilities and conveniences.

In Ravda the legal, licensed tourist agencies are those who welcome and service tourist visitors. Among accommodation and recreation, they offer a great variety of tours and excursions. Tourists can achieve unforgettable experiences in the exciting Bulgarian atmosphere, all the while introducing folk style music and dances, old traditions and typical Bulgarian crafts. Agencies' animation program is rich and varied. That's why, you should not miss the famous "Bulgarian typical village visit".

During 80-ies and 90-ies of past century, Ravda was known and famous as a resort especially for children and students. Nevertheless, the recent five years turned Ravda into a tourist centre for all, by offering perfect accommodation, lots of tourist facilities and entertainments. Now,`Ravda is developing fast, because of its huge tourist resources.

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